Transitioning into a general management role requires a broader perspective. As we lead our business across functions and day-to-day operations, our decision-making needs to be informed by a strategic view across all core business functions.

With the Executive Certificate in Value-Added Management, learners’ will be provided with a foundational understanding of strategy, marketing, finance, people management, organisational change and the way these functions integrate for organisational success.

Workplace ethics will help learners’ in defining the workplace environment ethics, reporting unethical conditions, understanding the serious effect of unethical behaviour and differentiating ethics in the workplace and personal morality.

This Executive Certificate in Value-Added Management will help managers become inspirational with their management. Inspirational management is about energising and creating a sense of direction, purpose, excitement and momentum to perform better. It involves energising individuals to strive towards a compelling vision of the future by embracing and embodying values in all aspects of work.

Learning Outcome

  • Lead with a broader perspective
  • Increase managerial impact
  • Build robust, resilient teams
  • Understand what ‘business ethics’ is
  • Learn how to make ethical decisions
  • Understand your business and social responsibilities
  • Learn how to balance personal and organizational ethics
  • Learn when to “blow the whistle”
  • Be able to identify unethical behaviours
  • Create and implement strategic direction

Academic Award

Upon completion of this certification, learners’ will be awarded with the Executive Certificate in Supervisory Skills Development from the Society of Business Practitioners, United Kingdom.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: People & General Management
Module 2: Core Competences for Managers
Module 3: Value-Adding to Organisational Resources
Module 4: Human Capital Development

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