Title: NLP – A New Approach to People Management
Date: 11- April-2018 (Wednesday)
Time: 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm

When employees are motivated and individual values are aligned with those of the company, this creates a culture within an organisation that enables people to perform at a higher level and to thrive within that work environment.

One of the key ways to create engagement, personal accountability and even loyalty in an organisations workforce is by incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming methodologies in the training and management of its employees to positively impact attitude, behaviour, individual and team performance.

The powerful “NLP” tools and techniques provide Companies with a new approach to people management and how they can contribute to the personal and professional success throughout an employee’s life-cycle.


Webinar Objective

Over 45 minutes participants will learn Four Pillars of NLP to reveal the deeper structure and meaning of what influences our beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.

Learning and implement these principles will give you the inner motivation and drive to address the many situations and challenges that naturally occur throughout the course a Mangers or Leaders normal working day.

The 4 key principles we cover today are:


  1. How to Establish Rapport and Maintain Relationships – Key to Your Professional Success.


  1. How to Use Sensory Acuity to Gain Greater Understanding and Communication with Others.


  1. How to develop Outcome Thinking to make better decisions and solve problems effortlessly.


  1. How to Develop Behavioural Flexibility and Alter Negative Patterns of Behaviour for better outcomes.


Who Should Attend

  • Managers aspiring to a position within the senior or executive team.
  • Human resource professionals will benefit modelling NLP methodologies to recruit and develop people.
  • Team leaders wanting to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and elevate the effectiveness of their communication with their teams.
  • Business Owners, Self-Employed Professionals or Entrepreneurs.
  • Coaches, Teachers and Educators will benefit from the NLP tools and strategies to enhance their teaching and people skills.

Course Curriculum

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