Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


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Date: April 28,29 and May 5 & 6

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: 11 Gurney Drive, Penang

As a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming you have the Tools and Strategies to Elevate Your Success and Create the Life YOU Want and Deserve in 2018 and Beyond.

What is NLP?

“NLP” or Neuro Linguistic Programming is hailed as being “The Science for Success in the 21st Century”. This highly practical science can be used in a wide variety of everyday situations:

If you are tired or fed up with any area of your life right now

If want to learn from your past life-experiences and take your future in a new direction

If you are curious by nature and want to learn what makes you tick and drives your behaviour

The GREAT News is, when you learn to apply NLP’s sophisticated methodologies your mind will become open to new possibilities, you will acquire the skills to be able to ‘see’ different perspectives, learn how to build a relationship with yourself and others easily and use behavioural flexibility to bring about change and a new level of understanding.
I know the tools and techniques in NLP can transform your life forever.

How do I know this?

I know, because the tools and techniques of NLP has transformed MY life.

First, you will notice a ‘shift’ in how YOU think, how YOU feel and how YOU behave.

Next, your friends will start to notice a change and they’ll want to know what you have done or are doing differently that has brought about this ‘change’

When you learn NLP, you learn how to become a better a version of yourself. You get to know yourself a little better because NLP helps you understand how you think, how you feel and how you behave.

Connect with your mind and body to find the ‘missing piece’ of your jigsaw puzzle of life and start to create your own future and open the channels of prosperity and abundance that you deserve.

Who’s this for:


  • Executives looking to acquire a deeper level of understanding and improved communication that will equip members of their management to perform at a higher level and exceed expected outcomes.
  • Senior Managers who manage people and would benefit from gaining insights into how “Rapport” is an essential ingredient to building powerful relationships that will accelerate communication outcomes!
  • Self-employed professionals who are reliant on trading time for money and want to lift their income in a very short period of time.
  • Small Business Owners who are working hard and want to break-free from the stress of money limitations or constraints and would benefit from uncovering the ‘distinctions’ that will make the difference to their success.
  • Therapists, trainers, coaches and educators who would have an even greater ability to impact thousands of lives as a result of having NLP tools and techniques at their disposal.
  • Anyone starting a new business needing to develop a winning mind-set that will open the doors to prosperity, abundance and wealth.
  • Anyone “stuck”, who feels they are doing a lot of things right but are not seeing the rewards they expect or desire.


  • Anyone facing (even wanting) a major change in their life, who would benefit from a fresh outlook.


  • Anyone already achieving excellent results however, dealing with constant stress, difficulties or resistance is draining your energy and you seek strategies to alleviate and change this for a more balanced lifestyle.


If any of these situations resonated with you, then NLP life-changing strategies are perfect for YOU.

Imagine the possibilities; how much richer and more enjoyable your life will be with your new skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With complete control over yourself, the possibilities for achieving greater wealth, happiness, career advancement and fulfilment in ALL areas of your life are virtually unlimited.

There is NO better time than NOW to expand your mind, evolve your thinking and lay the foundations for your future success and abundance PLUS with your new-found knowledge and skills you will positively impact the lives of your friends and family too!


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